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Gel Products

Angelic Nails One Step Gel is a multipurpose gel that adds strength to the natural nails, allowing them to grow naturally. Is thin in consistency, has good adhesion and flexibility. The One Step Gel can be soaked off with Gel Remover. Use Pigments to mix your own colours or choose from our range of premixed colours for a long lasting effect. Angelic Nails Gel last 3-4 weeks before you need to do a fill or removal.


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  1. Bonder



    The Bonder promote adhesion to the natural nails. It is available in 5ml and 12ml. Learn More
  2. Colour Gel

    Colour Gel


    Colour Gels are sold in 5g gel pots. Colour is always applied on a layer of One Step Gel and sealed with a layer of One Step Gel. Learn More
  3. Neon Pigments

    Neon Pigments


    SEE VIDEO TUTORIAL BELOW: GlowShick Neon Colours glow when it comes in contact with UV light. It can be mixed with Gel or acrylic products to create your desired effect.

    Learn More
  4. One Step Gel (Clear Gel)

    One Step Gel (Clear Gel)


    One Step Gel is a durable, self leveling, clear gel that is used as a nail enhancment. The product is packed in 5g and 10g pel pots as well as a 20g pump bottle.

    Learn More
  5. Pigments



    SEE VIDEO TUTORIAL BELOW: Pigment is a colour powder that is mixed into the One Step Gel or Acrylic powder to create unique colours.
    Use empty gel pots or acrylic pots to mix your desired colour

    Learn More
  6. UV Lamp 18 watt

    UV Lamp 18 watt


    18 watt UV lamp with 2 minute timer Learn More


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