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Q: Why does the Gel lift from my natural nail?
The most common reason for gel to lift from the free edge of the nail is that the gel has been applied too thin.
This happens because there is not enough curing agent on your nail therefore the application has no strength.


Other possible reasons for gel lifting:

A: 1) Forgot to apply Bonder on the natural nail
2) Did not remove all the natural oil from your nail plate
3) Did not cure the Gel for 2 minutes
5) Applied the Gel onto your skin/cuticles and did not remove it
6) Did not seal the free edge of the nail
7) UV Globe is old and need replacing. (replace every 6-12 months)

Q: Why does the Colour Gel not cure or wipe off afterwards?
A: 1) If you mixed too much pigment with too little One Step Gel the colour gel will not cure and wipe off

Q: Why is the Gel still sticky after it has been cures for 2 min.
A: The Gel will always be sticky after it has been cured. This does not mean that it hasn’t cured, it just means that you have to Sanitize to remove the stickiness. (It is not necessary to Sanitize between each layer, only the first layer)

Q: Why do my nails look dull after a couple of days?
A: You need to remove and re-apply the Top Coat once every week


Q: Is your Gel a Soak Off Gel or a Buff Gel? 
A: The One Step Gel is a soak off Gel but there is no need to soak our Gel every single time, as it does not yellow or lift. Personally on our own nails we never soak as filling is much easier for us, but we believe that you can Gel it anyway you like it.... if you prefer soaking that option is there for you to choose.


Q: What do I do with my excess Colour that I mixed? Can I store it or should I throw it away?
A: You can store it. We sell empty Gel pots for this very reason. But we suggest that you only mix enough for one overlay and not ten. If there is anything left over you can store it


Q: Do you give training?
A: Yes
We train futureTechnicians. Someone who wants to open a nail bar of salon and offer her services to the public at a cost


Q: What is Gel?
A: Gel is a premixed monomer and polymer. It is a nail system that enhances you natural nails. It is durable, self levelling and natural looking


Q: Why does the Gel pull away from the sides before I cure?
A: If you have not Sanitized the first layer of One Step Gel the gel will pull away from the sides


Q: Can my UV Bulbs become inefficient overtime?
A: Yes
If the Gel does not cure, set in the time or lifts after a few days the UV Bulbs must be replaced. We suggest that you change your bulb every 6 months to a year depending on usage



Problem Solving Solutions




Gel or Gel Polish
peeling or lifting

  • First layer of One Step Gel was applied to thin on the free edge
  • White gel applied to thick
  • Free edge was not sealed properly
  • No Bonder or uneven application of Bonder before gel application
  • Gel was applied over the skin and was not removed with an Orange Stick
  • The Cuticle (dead skin) was not removed properly during nail preparation
  • Gel was not cured for two minutes
  • Gel was applied too thick
  • UV globe needs replacing

Gel not curing

  • UV Lamp not switched on
  • Nails was not placed correctly under the UV Globe
  • UV globe/s needs replacing
  • Gel was not cured for 2 minutes
  • Gel was applied too thick
  • Too much Pigment was mixed with One Step Gel
  • Cure darker Colour Gels for 3 minutes e.g. Onyx Black

Broken nails

  • The side walls were not reinforced
  • Natural nails have been weakened by too much filing
  • Natural nails have been weakened by pulling the gel off from natural nails.
  • Soaking the gel off each time can also cause weak nails and eventually broken nails

Cured nails feel sticky

  • Remove the sticky layer with Sanitizer and Lint free wipes

Cured nails look dull

  • Apply Top Coat

Air Bubbles

  • Air bubbles in One Step Gel can form when pumping up the gel from the container, if pumped too quickly
  • Air bubbles are cause in tips when you have applied to little resin or applied to much presure on the tip. this also leads to tips cracking
  • Air bubbles in tips can cause premature lifting. Soak and reapply

Gel will not level

  • Gel is too cold. Allow gel to stand at room temperature, or place container in warm water until gel has proper consistency

Gel too runny

  • Gel is too warm. Allow gel to stand and cool to room temperature.

Gel discoloured or yellow

  • Smoking, clothing dyes, newspaper ink, printing ink, turmeric, curry, sun bed and tanning products could be to blame.

Skin irritation

  • Gel was applied on the skin to often. Apply gel to nail plate only

To clean brushes

  • Wipe excess product off gel brush with Sanitizer and a Lint free nail wipe at the end of each treatment, in between services or whenever necessary, wipe gel brush clean with a dry Lint free nail wipe