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Acrylic Products

Angelic Nails Acrylic Products are high quality powders have a fine texture that makes it easy to buff and shine for a perfect finish. The Monomer has a Medium setting time which makes it suitable for application at all temperatures but works really well in warm areas.


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  1. 15ml Acrylic Shine

    15ml Acrylic Shine


    The Acrylic Shine is a UV & LED top coat that is applied over Liquid & Powder (Acrylic) for a quick finish.

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  2. Acrylic Brush Size 8

    Acrylic Brush Size 8


    Sculpting brushes are made from kolinsky sable hair and are handmade; however they can vary in quality, shape and size. The type of brush and size you choose will depend entirely on you and how you work and become accustomed to it.

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  3. Acrylic Powder

    Acrylic Powder


    Available in 10g, 40g and 300g. Our Acrylic Powders has a fine texture and is great for sculpting or dipping system. Learn More
  4. Activator



    The Activator is a purple transparent liquid that includes a mist spray pump. Available in 50ml and 100ml Learn More
  5. Bonder



    The Bonder promote adhesion to the natural nails. It is available in 5ml and 12ml. Learn More
  6. Liquid Monomer

    Liquid Monomer


    The Monomer is a purple transparent liquid that is formulated with EMA(Ethyl Methacrylate), therefore MMA(Methyl Methacrylate) free. It is available in 100ml and 500ml. Learn More
  7. Neon Pigments

    Neon Pigments


    SEE VIDEO TUTORIAL BELOW: GlowShick Neon Colours glow when it comes in contact with UV light. It can be mixed with Gel or acrylic products to create your desired effect.

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  8. pigment



    SEE VIDEO TUTORIAL BELOW: Pigment is a colour powder that is mixed into the One Step Gel or Acrylic powder to create unique colours.
    Use empty gel pots or acrylic pots to mix your desired colour

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  9. Tip Rein



    Used with the Acrylic Powder and Activator for Dip Acrylic or to adhere tips to natural nails. A replacement brush is also available HERE

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  10. New
    Resin Replacment  Brush

    Resin Replacment Brush


    Is used as a replacement in the event of your Resin Brush drying whilst doing nails. An extra brush is always handy. Learn More


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