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  1. Acrylic Brush Size 8

    Acrylic Brush Size 8


    Sculpting brushes are made from kolinsky sable hair and are handmade; however they can vary in quality, shape and size. The type of brush and size you choose will depend entirely on you and how you work and become accustomed to it.

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  2. Cuticle Nipper

    Cuticle Nipper


    The Cuticle Nipper is a multi-purpose tool used to remove a hard piece of skin on the side of the nail plate if necessary.  Do not  cut cuticles, rather use Angelic Nails Cuticle Oil.

    Clean  with Sanitizer after use.

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  3. Cuticle Trimmer

    Cuticle Trimmer


    The Cuticle Trimmer is a small multi-purpose metal tool mostly used to cut gel sculptures.


    Clean with Sanitizer after use.

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  4. Ruby Stone

    Dusting Brush


    The Dusting Brush has long soft bristles / hair and is used to remove all traces of dust on the hands and nails during and after buffing. 

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  5. Gel Removing Tool

    Gel Removing Tool


    The Gel Removing Tool is a metal tool used to measure scoops of pigment when mixing your own colours or to remove loose enhancement particles from the nail plate when performing a soak / product removal.  

    The Gel Removing Tool is re-useable and must be cleaned with Sanitizer after use. 

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  6. Luxury Gel Brush

    Luxury Gel Brush


    The Luxury Gel Brush is used to apply gel onto the nail plate and has an oval shaped tip made of sable hair which makes it easier for gel application around the cuticles/eponychium.   


    When cleaning your brush, use Sanitizer. Gel Remover can be used to remove stubborn Pigment, but should be cleaned with Sanitizer immediately afterwards.  Over time the Gel Remover can damage the bristles of your Luxury Gel Brush.  Do not soak the bristles in Gel Remover for long periods of time.

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  7. Nail Clipper

    Nail Clipper


    The Nail Clipper is a metal tool mostly used to cut / shorten toe nails.


    Clean the Nail Clipper with Sanitizer after use.

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  8. Orange Stick

    Orange Stick


    The Orange Stick is made of high quality Orange Wood.  The flat side of the Orange Stick is used to gently push back the cuticles and the pointed side, once wrapped with cotton wool and dipped in Varnish Remover, to remove stubborn traces of Nail Varnish and dirt.

    Orange Sticks should be sanitized after each client, replaced regularly and can be added to a clients nail file pack.

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  9. Ruby Stone

    Ruby Stone


    The Ruby Stone is a stone file used to remove stubborn cuticles when necessary.  Wet the tip of the Ruby Stone with Sanitizer to avoid scratching the nail plate. 



    The Ruby Stone should be washed and Sanitized after use.

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  10. Scissor



    The Scissor is a small metal scissor used to cut Silk for repairs and nail art.

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